Our TR Assurance product suite

Accuracy testing and completeness reconciliations - everything you need for your transaction reporting assurance. All data remains on client servers throughout.

Links back to regulatory text

For every inaccuracy identified, the tool will provide a comment from us for the error reason and a link back to the regulatory text justifying the validation.

Configurable solution

Personalize solution based on an individual’s needs. Configure users, validation settings and report output to a company or individual users level as standard.

Transparency down to record level

Choose either full transaction report output or relevant fields only.

Automated data quality validation.

TR Accuracy can ingest any reporting data format and runs over 5000 business specific validations, which are not completed by ARMs or NCAs.

The output is easy to understand with links back to the original ESMA texts and granularity down to every field of every record.
Record Level: Filtering logic integrity

Replicate firms bespoke filtering logic and check against FIRDs to identify over reports and under reports (Article 15 (1b, 1g), RTS 22)

Field Level: Enrichment logic integrity

For every matched record, perform a reconciliation to ensure every field of data received by the regulatory end point as expected.

A data reconciliation tool.

TR Completeness will perform a full technical reconciliation to ensure all data enrichment and operational processes have worked as expected. It has been specifically designed to meet the Article 15 requirement of RTS 22;

“Arrangements shall include regular reconciliation of their front office trading records against data samples from NCAs”