Streamline global transaction reporting with our no-code platform. Ensure ongoing accurate reporting with automated algorithmic testing. We support MIFIR, EMIR, ASIC, MAS, IIROC and other reporting regimes.


Stay on top of the changing regulatory landscape

Ongoing changes to regulation reporting across the UK and EU mean maintaining compliance is a constant challenge.

At Control Now, we’ve made it our mission to make regulatory reporting simple, cost effective and intuitive by putting the control of data into the hands of our clients.

Control Now

What we do

We developed Control Box, a sophisticated, no-code platform designed to help empower you to streamline and permanently improve every stage of the transaction reporting process.

On top of guaranteeing regulatory compliance, our experts support you every step of the way to ensure a frictionless and successful transition.

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Simplify reporting, permanently

Simplify reporting, permanently

Utilising cutting-edge technologies, Control Box simplifies your reporting process permanently and is available to use whenever it’s needed.

Reduce costs – increase effectiveness

Reduce costs – increase effectiveness

The fully automated and no-code Control Box provides significant cost- savings when compared with traditional solutions and materially increases speed to compliance.

Provide assurance

Provide assurance

Control Box has been created with data quality assurance at its core and continues to evolve alongside ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Records processed in just 5 minutes.

Validations completed for each regime by Accuracy.

Distinct records processed by Control Box to date.

Market data sources.

Are you ready to take control, now?

Let us show you the power of Control Box and how it can revolutionise your transaction reporting processes.

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