Transforming transaction reporting through technology, transparency and control – Control Now, the fintech revolutionising securities and derivatives reporting compliance

Control Now empowers clients with transparent data and efficient reporting solutions that reduce risk and increase confidence through automation, deep integrated regulatory insight and audit logs. This drives significant resource and cost savings for firms seeking accuracy and simplicity in transaction reporting.  We keep you up to date with any regulatory changes as these are instantly embedded in our software.

We provide an affordable and effective means of reporting quality assurance.

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    Provide assurance

    Our solutions have been designed to give you the tools you need to meet your legal requirements.

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    Utilise technology to integrate business and regulatory experience into a user friendly solution.

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    Reduce costs

    Our solutions are fully automated and provide significant costs savings against traditional assurance processes.

Did you know regulatory reporting quality control is a legal requirement?

“Investment firms shall have arrangements in place to ensure that their transaction reports are complete and accurate”
– Article 15, RTS 22

The rules and regulations around reporting and compliance are tighter than they ever have been and the FCA are actively enforcing them. Is your business prepared?

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“The entity responsible for reporting shall notify the relevant regulator of any material errors or omissions in its reporting, as soon as it becomes aware of them.”
– Article 10, UK EMIR REFIT ITS

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