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Service Delivery Manager

Remote with offices in London & Sofia - Full Time

Control Now Summary

Control Now (CN) is a regulatory technology business established in 2017 specifically to address investment firm’s requirements to submit compliant transaction reports for global reporting regimes such as MIFIR, EMIR, ASIC, MAS and many others.

Control Now are disrupting the current market for Transaction Reporting with its suite of fully automated software delivered as a SAAS solution, addressing each part of the reporting lifecycle; Transform, Submit, Check, Maintain.

Founded in 2017, Control Now offers a mature suite of assurance services (TR Accuracy and TR Completeness) to ensure reporting firms are submitting compliant reports and has recently brought to market its TR Direct reporting suite (TR Transformation and TR Connect) to support firms with BAU reporting.

This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a successful start-up business in a growing industry; learn directly from industry experts in a friendly environment and support improving the quality of data available to financial regulatory authorities.

Role Summary

The Service Delivery Manager will primarily be responsible for the delivery of CN services. The work will be client-facing and project-based.

The Service Delivery Manager will be the main point of contact for a client at Control Now during the delivery of the services they have agreed with Control Now. Control Now prides itself on high levels of client service and satisfaction. The Service Delivery Manager will be responsible for supporting and delivering client requirements to the highest standard.

Control Now has developed state-of-the-art ETL and action management software to support delivery and the Service Delivery Manager should feel comfortable working with these propriety software to support this process.

The role will be supported by the;

  • Product team – responsible for improving software to meet the delivery managers needs

  • Regulatory affairs team – understanding client business and compliance requirements

  • Implementation team – implementing the reporting solutions

The Service Delivery Manager will be responsible for;

  1. Raw data analysis

    Request raw data and reference data from the client. Document key fields and identify business models (with help from the client) in data.

  2. Project Scope

    Document all findings from business, compliance and data analysis into a project scope document. Request sign-off from the client to confirm the scope of requirements.

  3. Project Plan

    Document a high-level plan outlining activities to arrive at a compliant reporting solution.

  4. Record-Level Design

    Design 1st draft of filtering logic (i.e. defining non-reportable records), and reporting cases (i.e. assign each reportable record to a reporting case). Describe logic for identifying records in data.

  5. Record Level Business Testing

    Test output after implementation and ensure results match expected output. Iterate through changes as required to meet client reporting solutions.

  6. Client Sign-Off: Record Level

    Ensure the client approves in writing all decisions made during the build of the logic and have access to, and a chance to comment on the final version of the record-level solution.

  7. Field-Level Design

    Design 1st draft of field-level enrichment (i.e. how each field of the relevant regime can be reported from raw data). Describe logic for identifying data in client files.

  8. TR Accuracy Testing

    Test live data and ensure results match expected output. Iterate through changes as required to meet client reporting solutions.

  9. Action Log Management

    Maintain a full log of all discussions with the client (email, phone, in person etc) in the action log. Highlight actions, owners and expected delivery dates. Ensure reference to action logs is added to the Control Box config in the relevant location during the build.

  10. Weekly Client Call

    Complete a call at least once weekly to review open actions and project plans with client

  11. Client Sign off

    Provide a final draft of config, raw data, transferred data and give client suitable time to feedback and approve go live

Person Specification

  • Project Management: Client-facing experience and proven ability to manage software implementation projects.

  • Data Analysis: Strong data manipulation, interpretation and presentation skills. Should be proficient modelling large data sets and systems with Microsoft Excel, Visio and SQL queries (or similar).

  • Regulatory Knowledge: Experience with at least one of the following reporting regimes; MiFIR, EMIR, MAS, ASIC or IIROC.

  • Industry Knowledge: Experience with financial markets, financial instruments, derivatives trading, trading lifecycle and back office processes.

  • Process Driven: Control Now focus on delivering streamlined and highly scalable services. The candidate must be well organised and focused on constant process improvement.


For further information please feel free to contact

Applications for the role will require a CV accompanied with a brief cover letter introducing the applicant.

No Agencies Please!