How does the CN management portal work?

Control Now try to design their software to give users full control over there assurance processes. We have created a management portal from which all software configuration can occur.

The portal allows for users to manage validations, authentication and report content.

User Admin

Each admin user has the ability to configure the users which have access to the TR Accuracy testing software.

Admin users can add users (1), update/freeze users (2) and reset the user’s password (3).

To delete a user, please contact your CN support manager.


System Configuration

The solution is designed so all system configurations can be managed from the web portal. From the home page, write and admin users will be able to configure the following functionality;

Ref Configuration Permissions
1 Generate Detailed Reports Y – Produces the details report

N – Doesn’t produce details report (summary only)

2 CSV Detailed Reports Y – Produces the details report  in multiple csv files in an additional folder. (This will happen automatically for files with over 100,000 records)

N – Produces the details report  in an additional tab in the excel document.

3 Generate MI Reports Y – Produces the MI report

N – Doesn’t produce the MI report

4 Generate Benchmarking Report Y – Produces the Benchmarking report

N – Doesn’t produce the MI report


Validation Configuration

Users with write and admin access can configure their validation environment to suit the needs of the reporting firm. Changes are universal, so affect all users under the same licence. A full audit of changes made is kept and can be viewed from the audit page.

Users have the following functionality for all MiFIR and EMIR validations;

Ref Functionality Details
1 Turn on/off On – Appears in report output

Off – Validation will not appear in output.

2 Update impact The validation impact is a high, medium, low status that can be set by the reporting firm to grade the severity of a CN accuracy validation. The validations will default to CN settings until changed by a user.
3 Add comment Each user can add comments against a validation. The comments will appear in all future reports generated with the validation triggered. Write users have the permission to add and amend their own comments. Admin users can amend all comments from all users.


Users with Admin permissions will be able to view the audit page, where a full list of all validation configurations changes are logged. The information will allow users to identify which users made what changes and when.



Report Output Configuration

Not all MI reports will be relevant to all reporting firms. As such, CN offer the ability to turn MI reports on/off.

To turn a report off (i.e. stop it being displayed in the MI report output), select the report from the “included sheets” column and move to the “excluded sheets” column.

Audit & Usage Reports

The GUI offers the functionality for users to download a usage report which displays accuracy reports by users over time.

Once logged in, select “Reports” from the menu, where you will be able to choose the date range and user you wish to download a report for.

Each admin user can configure the control now system to generate periodic usage reports which will automatically send to all users associated with a licence who have registered their email address.

The user can configure the frequency of the report generation to either daily, weekly, monthly or off, and the reports will then auto generate according to that frequency.