June 19, 2023


  • EMIR – 1 validation amendment, 1 deleted validation, 1 new MI
  • EMIR Reconciliation – 1 TRAC ingestion amendment
  • MiFIR – 1 ingestion format amendment, 1 validation amendment, 1 deleted validation
  • Portal – menu re-organisation, 1 usage report amendment
  • Action Log – user interface amendments


All users are recommended to re-start their TRAC desktop tool after the release. Otherwise, you can continue using TRAC tool as normal, there are no configuration changes required to benefit from the new features.

Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: EMIR Bug E35 – Notional (2.20) for Futures We have fixed an issue with E35 to trigger irrespective of the action type. DEV-3130
2 Accuracy: EMIR Delete E174 – Fund (1.2) not trading with fund manager (1.4) for principal execution We are deleting validation E174 as it is flagging for an edge case where Fund Manager is executing in principal capacity. DEV-3133
3 Accuracy: EMIR New MI EMIR MI: CN Aggregator Pricing Data We are introducing new EMIR MI – CN Aggregator Pricing Data, this MI can help estimate the TR charges and potential savings when moving to self-reporting model. DEV-3116
4 Accuracy: EMIR Reconciliation Improvement TRAC Tool We have amended the TRAC tool behaviour for the EMIR Reconciliation module, to not require a full set of pairing and matching files. Users will receive a warning if one of the files are missing, but will be able to continue with processing. DEV-3093
5 Accuracy: MiFIR Ingestion XML format We have corrected an issue with ingesting .xml format files, where ‘Buyer/Seller Country Code of the Branch’ was not populated correctly. DEV-3077
6 Accuracy: MiFIR Bug MiFIR MI: Transmission of order We are introducing a new category to the MiFIR Transmission MI to identify transactions between connected entities. DEV-3100
7 Accuracy: MiFIR Delete: Validation M275 – Quantity Type for FX Forwards is not MONE We are deleting validation M275 due to ambiguous regulatory guidance. DEV-3139
8 Accuracy: Portal Bug Usage Report We have fixed an issue with downloading the past Summary reports from the TRA Usage Summary view in the portal. DEV-3109
9 Accuracy: Portal Portal UI Portal Menu We have re-organised the Portal Menu for easier navigation. DEV-3113
10 Accuracy: General Portal UI Action Log We have amended the Action Log by defaulting to “Client Action ID” instead of “Global ID. DEV-2082
11 Accuracy: General Portal UI Action Log We have made some amendments to Action Log comments view to allow for easier management of long comments. DEV-2021

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