Control Box: Design Your Own Transaction Reports

April 18, 2023

Control Box is our platform which can be used to design and build transaction reports. It simplifies and streamlines business, technical and compliance expertise into an easy to use software package.

The service allows a business user with limited technical experience, to design and develop their reporting configs without the need for separate development or QA resource. This reduces time needed for building configs by upto 50% from ~16 to ~8 weeks (for a single system).

For example, the below logic concatenates 3 values to produce the TRM for a MiFIR report;  String “ADB” & field [TradeId] & String “C”

The function “Concatenate” can easily be replaced with any of the other functions available in the tool by simply clicking the function and selection from a drop down menu;

All functions come with clear business and technical documentation to support set up and maintenance;

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