Control Now Quaterly Review

March 31, 2020

We hope this letter reaches you well, and that your families and work life are adapting well to these uncertain times.

Our tools require no update and will function as expected remotely due to their design to process data within the memory of the local machine where the data is held (please just inform us of any change to the IP address where the tool is run from).


We continue to manage feature improvements as planned – we have added and improved over 150 validations and reconciliations with our monthly software releases this quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar). All software releases we make are applied to our cloud environment, so when you run our tools, they will provide you with the latest version of the validations, from wherever you are working.

Our business priority is and continues to be to provide our clients with the market leading transaction reporting reconciliation tools.

However, we also appreciate the important work that others are doing at this time to keep us safe and healthy in the effort to contain COVID-19. That’s why starting from today and onwards, we will be supporting charities whose purpose is to support the staff of the NHS and their families. We will also be offering support to local businesses and their staff who will not be so lucky during this downturn.

This quarter we have supported the NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 (NHS Charities appeal).