Control Now Streamlines Its Operations

July 12, 2021

As part of our goal for increasing market transparency, Control Now has recently been making TR Accuracy enhancements to streamline its operations and improve user experience.

The main changes completed are:

1. Release Notifications

Please see:  “CN Release Notes” Gets a Facelift!

2. Validation Naming

We are implementing a more structured naming convention on validation names. The full lists of current and new validation names have been shared with our clients.

New validation name structure:  “Field Name” (RTS field number) – “Description”

3. Managing Enhancements

We have added a new status to Validations called “Under Review”. This allows Control Now to communicate with clients via the portal.

Please see:  Managing Enhancements

4. Portal Managed Client Reference Data

We have enabled all reference data files to be uploaded to the portal, which ensures that all users within the account are using the same reference data and provides an audit trail for change.

Please see:  Portal Managed Client Reference Data

5. Market Reference Data Search

We have enabled clients to be able to search the regulatory databases through our portal.

Please see:  Market Reference Data Search




We welcome client feedback and are always open to suggestions on how to make our service better!


Control Now Ltd, founded in 2017, is a provider of Transaction Reporting Assurance software tools to empower market participants to perform oversight of their Regulatory Reporting Processes. Control Now Ltd provide TR Accuracy (Data Quality Assurance) and TR Completeness (Reconciliations) services. Please get in touch for a Free Health Check –