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27th March 2020

EMIR: New ITS/RTS for ESMA consultation

Consultation period until 19.06.20.

Final report expected Q4 2020.

Go live – 18 months later (See 346)

ESMA has written a proposal to update the EMIR RTS and ITS for EMIR reporting to the Trade Repositories.

The intention of the update is to;

  • Align with the global guidance on OTC derivatives data elements (CPMI and IOSCO)

  • Suggest arrangements for allocation of responsibility for reporting between counterparties

  • Suggest arrangements to ensure the correct reporting

  • Provide a statement of reporting of lifecycle events

  • Provide a statement of reporting at position level should be performed.

  • Update product specific reporting requirements

Please find below a full table of changes proposed by ESMA.

They are accepting comments from all market participants before 19.06.20. All contributions should be submitted online at under the heading ‘Your input - Consultations’