FCA announces temporary supervisory flexibility on UK MiFIR transaction reporting

July 31, 2023

As of 27th of July 2023, the FCA has relaxed the requirements related to reporting of the following UK RTS 22 fields:

  • Waiver indicator (field 61);
  • OTC post-trade indicator (field 63);
  • Commodity derivative indicator (field 64);
  • Securities financing transaction indicator (field 65).

The FCA will not act against firms who populate these fields incorrectly and are not expecting to be notified about discovered issues until further notice. They will also disable related validations CON-610 and CON-640 from September 2023.

The regulator will update the UK MiFIR transaction reporting schema to allow reporting new values in the ‘Waiver indicator’ and ‘OTC post-trade indicator’ fields as per Policy Statement 24/4: Improving Equity Secondary Markets (PS23/4). The new schema implementation date has not been announced yet.

Similar measures relaxing field population requirements were applied to ‘Short Selling Indicator’ field in January 2022. Control Now article summarising issues with the field can be found here.


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