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2nd December 2020

FCA Guidance: EMIR Reporting after the Transition Period

The FCA have published a statement explaining EMIR reporting obligations of UK Counterparties and UK Trade Repositories coming into life after end of transition period (31/12/2020).

The document contains clarification regarding:

  • Counterparties under UK EMIR obligation,

  • Timeline of changes

  • Scope of UK EMIR reporting for new and outstanding trades

  • UK EMIR validation rules

  • Applicability of non-legislative materials published by ESMA

  • Intragroup exemptions

  • Mandatory delegated reporting (REFIT) by UK FCs for UK NFC-s

  • Equivalence of EU Regulated Markets under UK EMIR

  • Transaction Repository (TR) requirements:

    • registration

    • handling historic data by TRs

    • Inter-TR reconciliation

    • publication of data

    • Authorities access to data

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