January 6, 2023

It’s Control Now’s opinion that Regulatory Reporting has become inefficient.

Inefficient Reporting

Today we are happy to announce the introduction of our new service suite; TR Submission.

TR Submission allows reporting firms to easily manage data transformations internally and submit directly to regulators (eliminating the need for costly ARMs and service providers);

Direct Reporting

TR Submission consists of 2 software services; Control Box and TR Connect. The solution also fully integrates with TR Accuracy allowing firms to test data prior to submission;

  • Control Box: Easy management of filtering and transformation logic
  • TR Connect: Oversight for endpoint submission and exception management
  • TR Accuracy: Full integration with TR Accuracy for pre-submission testing

Control Box allows firms to easily design their transaction reports using a business-facing and intuitive portal.  The solution eliminates the need for developers as it immediately renders back-end code which can be used to produce transaction report data (without the need for large change projects). Furthermore, the solution is fully integrated with L1, L2 and L3 regulatory guidance for in situ compliance support.

TR Connect fully automates the data processing from within the reporting firm’s environment. The solution will connect with all European regulatory endpoints and manages response file ingestion and provides a portal for oversight, audit, and exception management.

TR Connect

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