New feature update: Details Report configurations

December 6, 2021

TR Accuracy provides a details report for each validation triggered. i.e. if 10 distinct validation errors are identified on your data, you will receive 10 distinct validation detail reports.

Each details report contains all fields of all records which have failed that validation.

In 2022 Control Now are introducing further personalisation of the validation details reports to allow users to configure the format of the details reports they receive.

Users can select;

  • All fields (as is currently)
  • CN defined fields (key fields as defined by CN for that validation)
  • Bespoke fields (client specified fields)
  • End point formatted output (e.g. ARM/TR submission format)

We hope this change will allow quicker and easier analysis of errors, allowing users to focus only on relevant fields (i.e. hide all buyer/seller fields for validation related to underlying field). We also hope this will support firms with remediation tasks.



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