Product Release – 14.05.20

May 11, 2020

We have the following features due for release on the 14th May 2020 at 0700 UK Local time.

For features which are configurable (TR Accuracy MI report and validations etc), you will be able to log into your management portal and turn them off if you do not wish to see the functionality.

Please let us know if you have any questions; .

Release Date 14/05/2020 0700
New TRAC Version Required Yes


If “New TRAC Version Required” = Yes, then all users will be required to download the latest version of TRAC (TR Accuracy and Completeness). Current versions of TRAC will no longer work following release date. To download the latest version of the tool, access your portal then navigate to download and locate the TRAC application.

If “New TRAC Version Required” = No, then this update will not require any action from users of TR Accuracy or TR Completeness. All changes will automatically be applied to your solution from the release date.

Issue key Summary Fix Version/s Description Due date
DEV-481 Portal Style TRAC_0805202 Additional enhancements to enable the Control Now online portal to operate consistently across different Internet browsers including Edge, Firefox and Chrome. 2020-05-14
Ref data Update: Client Validations Config:  Split by executing entity TRAC_0805202 Update to our reference data for validation configurations to include a new field: ‘executing entity’. This will allow reporting firms with multiple entities to populate this reference data differently for different entities.

On ingestion of transaction reports, our tools will confirm which entity is identified in the reporting firm id, and validate according to the entry for that entity in the validations configuration file.

The validations affected by the change are:
M3 – Buyer Country of Branch – Not HQ
M5 – Seller Country of Branch – Not HQ
M14 – Trade date time granularity – HFT
M16 – Trade date time granularity – off exchange traded
M39 – Buyer DM fields populated when they shouldn’t be – investment firm
M42 – Seller DM fields populated when they shouldn’t be – investment firm
M50 – Country of branch for investment decision maker (Single branch)
M88 – Country of branch for execution decision maker (Single branch)
M104 – Net Amount for Bonds (Clean Price) – Above Threshold
M122 – Trade date time granularity – exchange traded
M204 – Buyer country of branch populated when buyer is not a client – investment firm
M209 – Seller country of branch populated when seller is not a client – investment firm
M37a – TVTIC not populated when exchange traded
M37b – TVTIC not populated when executed off exchange but brought under exchange rules
E34 – Options Notional
E35 – Futures Notional
E60 – Notional != Quantity x Price Multiplier x Price

Please see reference data user guide for more details.

DEV-477 New MiFIR MI: Client Account MI TRAC_0805202 A new MI: Client Account MI: This report will provide users with a statement of what has been traded with their clients on a daily basis.

Where the user has populated the client reference data (a list of all clients of the reporting firm) this new MI will provide a statement of what has been traded with these clients on a daily basis.

DEV-476 New MiFIR MI Duplication TRAC_0805202 A new MI report which highlights duplicate transactions based on the key fields configured by the client.
Report show submitted transactions, reported with unique TRNs, but with identical field population.
DEV-474 New MiFIR MI Bond Pricing TRAC_0805202 A new MI report presenting a breakdown of reported transactions on bond instruments with distinction of bond type, “Price type” and highest and lowest price for each bond type. 2020-05-14
DEV-535 Unit Price MI – added ‘Instrument name’ TRAC_0805202 Enhancement to Unit Price MI: adding the ‘Instrument name’ sourced from FIRDS to allow users for easier interpretation of MI report. 2020-05-14
DEV-473 New MiFIR MI: Distinct Counterparty Distribution TRAC_0805202 A new MI report which will provide users with a breakdown of the distinct identifiers reported in the buyer and seller fields.

The report will be ordered by the most commonly used identifier, and will provide business context (e.g. for LEIs, we will return the legal entity name for the LEI DB).

The report can be used to monitor the correct use of identifier for the reporting firm’s counterparties.

DEV-470 New MiFIR MI Short Sell TRAC_0805202 A new MI report presenting the composition of “Short Sell Indicator” values for each individual ‘Seller Id’. 2020-05-14
DEV-469 New MiFIR MI: Instrument Description TRAC_0805202 A new MI report which can be used by reporting firms to monitor they are using the correct ISINs for the products they trade. The solution will take the ISIN and return the instrument description from FIRDs.

The solution is parameter driven, so the user can choose which type of instruments they wish the report to run on based upon a CFI code. For example, to return just options the reporting firm can populate the reference data with O*****. For future and options, populate the reference data (O*****|F*****). For all products use ******. Full details can be found in the reference data user guide available for download in the management portal.

DEV-468 New Ref Data: Client MI Configuration TRAC_0805202 A new reference data to manage the configuration of client configurable MI reports. Please see the CN reference data user guide for further details.

The new reference data files will be configured during onboarding for new clients. For existing clients, your account manager will manage the deployment of a new reference data file.

DEV-224 Client Reference data files to Web Configurations GUI TRAC_0805202 Client reference data used for validations configurations has been added to the Portal section: ‘Resources’ for the users to view, download and edit. 2020-05-14
DEV-448 Password protected zip files for reference data. TRAC_0805202 Client reference data files containing sensitive data can be uploaded to Portal as a password protected .zip file managed by admin user. 2020-05-14
DEV-565 M84 Fix TRAC_0805202 A fix to validation number M84, The validation was not flagged where it should have been flagged due to an inaccuracy in the FIRDS lookup process. The process used to checks against all historical FIRDS listings for a single instrument and validate client data based on the full historical set. The correct approach is validate based on the active FIRDS records on the trading date.

The update fixed the FIRDS data lookup process by ensuring the correct FIRDS listing of an instrument is returned. This is done by returning and validating against all active FIRDS listings on the trading date time provided in the MIFIR transaction reports.

DEV-555 Front end new accounts do not work TRAC_0805202 A fix to an issue with adding new users to the Portal. 2020-05-14
DEV-497 M232 bug TRAC_0805202 Enhancement to the validation criteria for Instrument Identification codes with multiple validity dates with FIRDs. 2020-05-14