Q4 2021: The benefits of the network effect to users of our services

December 2, 2021

One of the best things about the Control Now service is that it offers advantages to users due to the network effect.

All of our clients are invited to feedback on the service offering. Features/improvements suggested are developed free of charge.

This month our newsletter documents examples of features that have been requested by our clients, which we are currently implementing into our service.

To date (4 years in) – we have been careful not to over-expand to ensure we can satisfy these feature requests as they arise. I am glad to say this is something we have been able to achieve – a fact our clients are happy to testify to.

In 2022, we have the capability to onboard more efficiently and I am hopeful we are able to see us double the number of clients using our service… and hopefully, all our clients will see the benefits of this in the service offered.

To all our current clients… please do keep the suggestions and positive criticism coming… we are all ears!

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