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3rd April 2024

Register for our Evidence-based Reporting Revolution: Three Steps to Unmatched Data Accuracy for Asset Managers webinar

Our next webinar is ready to go and we're focussing on data accuracy and which lessons we can take from the world of asset managers.

As we work with huge amounts of reporting data on a daily basis, we're able to analyse and understand key trends which is as interesting as it is insightful. In this case, these trends demonstrate specifically how asset managers have improved their data literacy and compliance over a four-year period.

During this webinar, we'll be presenting these insights with actionable steps derived from the data.

The data journey...

  1. Data - These data are ours and are entirely unique, you won't find them anywhere else

  2. Trends - Using these data sets, we've been able to identify and pull specific trends

  3. Action - Through the research we've conducted and the trends we've identified, we've produced a series of actionable steps for unmatched data accuracy which we'll share during the session

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Control Now can help you seamlessly manage such changes as amendments and modifications are automatically integrated into our software.

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