March 28, 2020

Clock Change and Reporting Requirements

Tonight at midnight (Sunday 29.03.20, 00:00:00), the UK time zone will shift to British Summer Time (UTC +01:00).

Reporting Firms are reminded of the MiFIR requirement that “Dates and times shall be reported in UTC.” ({DATE_TIME_FORMAT}, Annex II, RTS 22).

For EMIR, Execution timestamp should be reported as the “ISO 8601 date in the UTC time format” (2.25 Execution timestamp, EMIR ITS)

Please take extra care that trading systems which record data in UK local time are updated to report data in UTC.


Control Now Accuracy Testing

Please take advantage of the Control Now Accuracy Tests to ensure data is reported correctly before and after the clock change (See example output below).

Please contact us for a free reporting health check.