August 14, 2020

The Control Now SFTR Accuracy solution is currently under development and will become available from Q1 2021.

TR Accuracy supports firms with their requirement to submit accurate reports. It sits externally to current transaction reporting processes and requires little/no configuration to  provide immediate value.

The tool will operate similarly to the existing EMIR and MiFIR TR Accuracy service at Control Now (see video here).

TR Accuracy for SFTR is planned for delivery as follows;

Milestone Date
Repo Trades (Repurchase Agreements) 20/11/2020
Repo Margin 05/02/2021
Repo Reuse 19/03/2021
BSB SBB (Buy-Sell Back and Sell-Buy Back) 04/06/2021
SL (Securities-Lending) 13/08/2021
ML (Margin-lending) 27/08/2021

Please get in touch with ">us if you would like more information.


Control Now, founded in 2017, is a provider of transaction reporting assurance software tools to empower market participants to perform oversight of their regulatory reporting processes.