October 30, 2023


  • EMIR – 3 validation amendments;
  • MiFIR – 3 validation amendments;
  • All Regimes – 2 Client Reference Data changes, 2 Statistics and Benchmarking reports changes, 1 new report configuration;
  • TRAC Portal – 1 user interface amendment;
  • Action Log – 2 functionality improvements.


All users are recommended to restart TRAC desktop tool after the release.
Client using local versions of the client reference data files: ‘client configuration’ or ‘fund managers’ should update the files with new fields. Affected clients will be contacted by Control Now Product team with instructions.

For clients using the Portal versions of the reference data, the file formats will be updated automatically.

Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E143 – Product identification (2.6) and Asset Class (2.2) mismatch: Credit We have amended an issue with validation underflagging when ISIN is not available. DEV-3265
2 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E130 – Option exercise style (2.79) – FIRDs Mismatch We have amended validation to correctly flag for “Option Exercise Style” = ‘Other’. DEV-3239
3 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E7 – Reporting Counterparty ID (1.2) with no reporting obligation based on HQ location We have updated the validation to include EEA countries, rather than just EU countries. DEV-3268
4 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: Validation M121 – Net amount (35) blank for debt instrument Amended validation logic to avoid double flagging cases already flagged by core validation MC111 and MC262. DEV-3267
5 Accuracy: MiFIR Fix: Validation M109 – Underlying index name not populated where underlying is an index We have corrected an issue with validation not being triggered. DEV-3324
6 Accuracy: MiFIR Fix: Validation M106c – Underlying (47/48) not identified – overreporting (“Instrument identification code” (41) listings are outside of trading dates) Amended validation logic to avoid double flagging cases already flagged by core validation MC220. DEV-3295
7 Accuracy: All Regimes Enhancement: MI TR Accuracy: Statistics We have amended the Statistics report to generate separate tab (report) for each client entity, as defined in ‘Client Configurations’ reference data file. DEV-3075
8 Accuracy: All Regimes Enhancement: MI TR Accuracy: Benchmarking, TR Accuracy: Statistics We have reorganized the Statistics and Benchmarking reports generated on TRAC tool by splitting these reports into two separate files for more clarity. DEV-1970
9 Accuracy: All Regimes Reference data Client Reference Data: Fund Managers We have added new fields to ‘Fund managers’ reference data to allow clients to indicate sub-funds, funds set up exclusively for the purpose of serving employee share purchase plans and funds that are securitisation special purpose entities. New fields were added for the purposes of EMIR REFIT validations. DEV-1940
10 Accuracy: All Regimes Reference data Client Reference Data: Client Configurations New field added to allow clients to indicate where reporting was delegated to a third party. New field was added for the purposes of EMIR REFIT validations. DEV-3218
11 Accuracy: All Regimes New Report Configuration Reports settings We have added a new functionality on the Portal to allow client choose fields to be visible on the output details reports. DEV-1089
12 Accuracy: TRAC Portal Portal UI Portal Menu We have reorganized the left hand side menu on the portal by creating a new section for reports. DEV-3224
13 Accuracy: Action Log Portal Configuration Action Log We have added new dropdown options to Action Items to allow tracking ongoing projects: TR Direct (Product field) and EMIR Refit (Regime field). DEV-3259
14 Accuracy: Action Log Bug Action Log We have improved user experience on Action Logs – filtering will not be lost when Action Item dialog box is closed. DEV-3326


Please let us know if you have any questions: e-mail Client Support team.


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