March 7, 2022

We have the following features due for release on the 11th March 2022 at 1700 UK local time.


  • EMIR – 3 validation amendments, 1 new MI details report, amendments to 2 ingestion formats
  • MiFIR – 1 new validation, 1 MI amendment, amendments to 1 ingestion format
  • ASIC – 1 new ingestion format


There is no action required from users.

Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: EMIR Enhancement: Validation E123 – Notional currency 2 (2.10) – FIRDs Mismatch We are adjusting the validation to not flag if Notional Currency 2 has not been populated in FIRDS. TRD-697
2 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E90 – Asset Class (2.2) doesn’t match Product classification (2.4) We have resolved an issue with E90 flagging for collateral reports. TRD-695
3 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E35 – Notional (2.20) for Futures We are adding an exception to validation for transactions on futures where price is expressed as Yield. TRD-664
4 Accuracy: EMIR New MI EMIR MI – Valuation and Collateral We have added a new Detailed MI report displaying a breakdown of Collateral and Valuation reporting methodology recognition. The csv report supplements the current V+C MI. TRD-655
5 Accuracy: EMIR Ingestion DTCC TSR format We have updated the ingestion of Cappitech EMIR Collateral format to correctly populate Valuation Timestamp field TRD-694
6 Accuracy: EMIR Ingestion Cappitech format We are adjusting TR Accuracy ingestion module for Cappitech EMIR Collateral files. TRD-684
7 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M121 – Net amount (35) blank for debt instruments We are adding validation M121 – flagging the missing ‘Net Amount’ for debt products that will not be caught by ESMA/FCA validations. TRD-699
8 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: MI MiFIR MI – TVTIC We have implemented further improvements to TV TIC MI report, based on feedback received from client. TRD-669
9 Accuracy: MiFIR Ingestion NRR format We have updated NRR (legacy) MIFIR format allowing for further flexibility in header names. TRD-689
10 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: Validation M55, M56, M58, M59, M60, M62, M63, M64, M66, M67, M68, M70, M71, M72, M74, M75, M77, M78, M80, M81, M168, M169, M170, M171, M172, M173, M174, M175, M176, M177, M178, M179 We have updated the validations to take into consideration different requirements for natural persons identifiers for EU and UK reporting obligation. This may affect individuals with nationality of GB and LI. TRD-464
11 Accuracy: ASIC Ingestion Cappitech format We have added a new ingestion format for TR Accuracy: ASIC module. The tool will now recognise Cappitech ASIC Trades, Positions and Collateral reports. TRD-696

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