April 18, 2023


  • TRAC – new functionality: Scheduler
  • MiFIR – new subscription: NP ID validator
  • MiFIR – 2 validation amendments
  • MiFIR Core – 1 validation amendment
  • Portal – 1 user interface amendment
  • Action Log – 2 configuration amendments


All users are recommended to re-start their TRAC desktop tool after the release. Otherwise, you can continue using TRAC tool as normal, there are no configuration changes required to benefit from the new features.

Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy New configuration TRAC Scheduler We have enabled a brand new functionality of scheduling the TRAC runs. Users can set up multiple pre-defined runs and initiate them with one click of a button. DEV-2005
2 Accuracy: MiFIR New module NP Validator We have enabled a new MiFID module – Natural Persons (NP) validator. The module is a simplified version of the TR Accuracy service focusing on the Natural Persons Identifiers and allowing clients to pro-actively check the stored IDs for all clients. DEV-2130
3 Accuracy: MiFIR Core Fix: Validation MC148b – Underlying instrument code is not present in the ref data for venue XXXX (CON-472) We have updated the identification of underlying as ‘listed on a trading date’ to avoid double flagging with validation M106a. DEV-3023
4 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: Validation M56 – Buyer identification code (7) the buyer type value is not a top priority identifier in NCA,
M64 – Seller identification code (16) type is not a top priority identifier in NCA
We have added an exception to not flag use of CONCAT as non 1st priority IDs for UK nationals under the age of 16. Exception applies only to pre-Brexit executions and post-Brexit executions of entities with reporting obligation according to FCA rules. DEV-3035
5 Accuracy Portal UI User Management We have added a timestamp of ‘Last Active’ in ‘Users Management’ section (previously only displaying date). DEV-1952
6 Accuracy Portal Configuration Action Log We have enabled the function of linking items and changing statues for archived action logs. DEV-3029
7 Accuracy Portal Configuration Action Log We have improved the Action Items generation directly from the TRAC Portal components (e.g. validation settings). DEV-3020


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