September 15, 2023


  • EMIR – 1 new validation,
  • MiFIR – 2 new validations, 2 validation amendments,
  • Portal Action Log – 1 User interface amendment


All users are recommended to re-start their TRAC desktop tool after the release. Otherwise, you can continue using TRAC tool as normal, there are no configuration changes required to benefit from the new features.

Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: EMIR New Validation E185 – Underlying benchmark not identified with ISIN We have added a new validation verifying if correct identification was used for risk-free rates. DEV-3053
2 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M277 – underlying benchmark not identified with 4char code We have added a new validation, verifying if the risk-free rates were identified with correct names in transaction reports. DEV-3041
3 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M278 – Underlying benchmark ISIN not used We have added a new validation, verifying if the risk-free rates were identified with correct ISINs in transaction reports. DEV-3052
4 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: Validation M216, M217 – Price (33) higher than exchange high for the day, Price (33) lower than exchange low for the day We have added an exception to validations to not flag where transaction is executed off exchange and brought under exchange rules. DEV-3243
5 Accuracy: Portal Portal UI Action Log We have improved the User interface for the Action log by eliminating the pagination, adding filtering to all fields and allowing filtering on multiple fields at the same time. DEV-3235


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