January 23, 2023


  • EMIR – 1 new validation, 2 validation amendments, 1 definition amendment, 1 new report configuration;
  • EMIR Reconciliation – Amendment to Pairing and Matching Summary reports;
  • MiFIR – 2 Ingestion logic amendments, 5 new validations, 1 validation amendment, 1 new MI and acompanying reference data field, 3 MI amendments, 1 Client Reference data amendment;
  • MiFIR Core – 3 validation amendments;
  • Other Modules – adjustment to normalisation module;
  • Portal – 1 reference data setting enabled;
  • Portal Action Log – 1 user interface fix, amendments to notifications.


Users are recommended to restart TRAC desktop tool after the release.
Reference Data update required for users managing reference data locally.

Client Setup Actions Only for clients managing reference data file “Client MI Configurations” (CRD_MI_CFG) locally See TRD-964, TRD-965 for more details.


Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: EMIR New Validation E184 – Product Identification (2.6) corresponds to a product that is not a derivative We have developed a new EMIR validation flagging instruments out of scope of EMIR reporting requirements. TRD-1006
2 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E80b – New Trade ID position (2.12) valued later than T+1 We have amended the validation to avoid false flagging for a reporting case specific to one of the TRs. TRD-1012
3 Accuracy: EMIR Fix: Validation E60 – Notional (2.20) != Quantity x Price Multiplier x Price We have updated the validation to flag for CFDs and SpreadBets identified via the CFI code or Contract type (previously only flagging if both fields indicated the same product type). TRD-1026
4 Accuracy: EMIR Definitions Emir Definition: is_equivalent_market, impacting validations: E41, E49, E93b, E180, E112, E113, E114, E116, EMIR MI: Confirmation We have updated all validations and MIs executed using the ‘Equivalent markets’ reference data to now perfom checks as per the list state from the trading date. This impacts mostly clients preparing backreporting, or validating old files. TRD-1010
5 Accuracy: EMIR Portal Configuration Delegated Reporting We have introduced a new configuration option for EMIR reports – clients who report on behalf of their clients, or who review the data reported for them by their counterparties can choose if they want to include these in the TR Accuracy reports. TRD-908
6 Accuracy: EMIR Reconciliation Enhancement: MI Pairing and Matching Report We have made a set of improvements to reports based on clients feedback: formattingand sorting changes, added ‘Pairing rates’ field in Pairing Summary table, amended ‘Total’ calculation in Matching Summary table. TRD-917
7 Accuracy: MiFIR Ingestion Unavista AMF MiFID We have amended the ingestion logic for Unavista AMF MiFID (Trading Date Time field). DEV-1858
8 Accuracy: MiFIR Ingestion Cappitech MIFID: NPD Reference Data We have amended the Cappitech MIFID ingestion for NPD file to account for the CONCAT field provided in the file. TRD-1016
9 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M271 – Price (33) is different for reports within the same Complex Trade Component ID (40) We are introducing a new validation, verifying correctness of reports within one Complex Trade. TRD-1037
10 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M270 – Notional currency 1 (44) = Notional currency 2 (45) We have introduced a new validation verifying population of Notional Currency 1 and Notional Currency 2. Validation previously existed in EMIR module. TRD-1036
11 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation M189a – Investment Firm covered by Directive 2014/65/EU (5) = true does not match regulator’s reference data – pre-Brexit EEA firm,
M189b – Investment Firm covered by Directive 2014/65/EU (5) = true does not match regulator’s reference data – EU firm,
M189c – Investment Firm covered by Directive 2014/65/EU (5)= true does not match regulator’s reference data – GB firm
We have replaced M189 with 3 versions: M189 a, b and c flagging in different scenarios: pre-Brexit, post-Brexit EU and post-Brexit GB. TRD-1019
12 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: Validation M16 – Trading date time (28) granularity for off exchange execution We are phasing out the usage of Client Configuration reference data field: [ss_threshold]. Field is to be replaced by the new ‘Threshold’ value, available to be set for each validation. TRD-1004
13 Accuracy: MiFIR New MI MiFIR MI: Unit Price Spread – OTC We have created a new MIFIR MI showing the price spread across similar OTC instruments. The criteria for grouping instruments can be configured by the client. TRD-965
17 Accuracy: MiFIR Reference data Client Reference Data: MI Configurations We have added a new field in Client Reference Data: ‘Client MI Configurations’ to allow clients to configure fields for instrument grouping in new MI ‘Unit Price Spread OTC’. TRD-964
14 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: MI MiFIR MI: Unit Price Spread We have added a new column to the table – to identify a category of product based on CFI code stored in FIRDS. TRD-551
15 Accuracy: MiFIR Enhancement: MI MiFIR MI: Instrument Analysis We have enhanced the MiFIR MI: Instrument Analysis, Spread Bet table by differentiating the currencies in the table. TRD-962
16 Accuracy: MiFIR Fix: MI MiFIR Summary: Report Summary We have fixed an issue with MIFID Summary report listing unused client reference data file. TRD-1020
18 Accuracy: MiFIR Core Fix: Validation MC053 – Buyer decision maker Date of birth is later than trading date (CON-150),
MC070 – seller Date of birth is later than trading date (CON-200),
MC082 -Seller decision maker Date of birth is later than trading date (CON-240)
Updated to validate repeatable values, and to not flag if seller/buyer fields are not populated. TRD-991
19 Accuracy: all regimes Ingestion Normalisation module We have adjusted the ‘Normalisation’ module to be able to perform the activity on multiple files at once while generating a single output. TRD-461
20 Accuracy Portal Configuration Client Reference Data We have added ‘Reference Data Directory’ option for clients with Admin level access on the Client Reference data section on the Portal. TRD-949
21 Accuracy Portal UI Validations Settings We have fixed an issue on the portal to allow users with smaller screens to use the vertical scrolling bar to move far enough to see the ‘comments’ button. DEV-1857
22 General Portal UI Action Log We have updated the Date timestamps format in the comment section to be consistent with the raised date on the Action Log on the portal. DEV-1795
23 General Portal Configuration Action Log Notifications We are expanding the Action Log notification subscriptions to allow clients to estabilish criteria for receiving notifications. TRD-862
24 General Portal Configuration Action Log Notifications We have adjusted the Action Log settings to be automatically applied to the automated e-mail reports. DEV-1866
25 General Portal Configuration Action Log Notifications We have added details to Action Log notification e-mails. Users will now receive higher level of details of the change, including the before and after state of action item. DEV-1844
26 General Portal Configuration Action Log Notifications The in-portal Action Log notifications audit has been updated to include more details of the change made. DEV-1843