TR Accuracy Release – 13.05.2022

May 9, 2022

We have the following features due for release on the 13th of May at 1700 UK local time.


  • ASIC – 1 update to validation
  • MiFIR – update to 8 temporary validations
  • EMIR – updates to 7 validations, update to 2 MIs, update to record filtering logic
  • Update to 1 Client Reference Data file
  • Portal User Interface changes
  • 4 new Portal functionalities
  • 1 functionality update to the TRAC Desktop tool


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Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy Fix: Validation A44 – Collateral Portfolio code(1.42) reported with different currency codes We have amended validation to not flag where collateral currency inconsistency results from some rows having blank currency value (no collateral value reported). TRD-723
2 Accuracy Fix: Validation MT027d, MT027e  – Buyer LEI XXX is not valid (CON-070);
MT043d, MT043e – Buyer decision maker LEI XXX is not valid (CON-120);
MT56d, MT56e – Seller LEI XXX is not valid (CON-160);
MT072d, MT072e – Seller decision maker LEI XXX is not valid (CON-210)
We have updated the ESMA validations related to the v.1.7 update going live at ARMs/NCAs on 30.05.2022 TRD-726
3 Accuracy Fix: Validation E97 – Collateral portfolio code (1.23) not updated We are relaxing the validation, as some TRs are allowing clients to submit margin values for Collateral Portfolios on the trade/position level, opposed to a separate collateral record. The validation will still flag if no margin values are provided for portfolio. TRD-729
4 Accuracy Fix: Validation E41  – Master agreement type (2.30) populated for non-OTC product;
E49 – CCP ID (2.37) not a CCP;
E112 – Venue of execution (2.15) OTC, no ISIN;
E113 – Venue of execution (2.15) OTC, ISIN not listed on TV;
E114 – Venue of execution (2.15) OTC, ISIN listed on TV;
E116 – Venue of execution (2.15) FIRDs Mismatch
We have updated the interpretation of ‘ETD’ under EMIR. MTF and OTF executions, cleared by CCP within T+1 are no longer considered ‘ETD’. TRD-713
5 Accuracy Enhancement: MI EMIR MI – OTC FX Derivatives We have updated the MI to reduce the amount of data displayed in MS Excel. The report will show aggregated data and all detailed trade level data will be available in a separate .csv report. TRD-719
6 Accuracy Ingestion EMIR MI – File Summary We have implemented a pre-validation filtering of EMIR reports. Records modified, corrected and self-compressed will be validated only according to the most recent version of trade/position. Valuations, collateral updates and compression records will always be validated. TRD-700
7 Accuracy Reference data Client Reference Data – Blacklist Reference Data We have redefined management of the Blacklist reference data allowing clients more flexibility in exception management – from now on all report fields are allowed to be used in combination with any validation. All reference data files used by clients have been moved to the new format. TRD-658
8 Accuracy New Functionality Portal We have re-organised the Portal menu: moved the ‘Report Settings’ (ability to switch on/off certain parts of the report) to ‘TRA Configuration’ section. We have also added an option for the client to define the maximum report size for relevant reports. The changes allow individual configuration of the output report per reporting regime. DEV-1470
9 Accuracy User Interface Update Portal We have implemented a new structure to the ‘TRA Configuration’ Portal menu (previously ‘Regime Configuration’). The new structure is organised by the regime and allows users to navigate more intuitively and configure all modules of the Accuracy output in one place. DEV-1463
10 Accuracy User Interface Update Portal We have moved the ‘MI settings’ under ‘TRA Settings’ in the Portal and amended the layout of the MI settings menu. DEV-1384
11 Accuracy New Functionality Portal We have a added a feature for clients using the TR Accuracy ‘Client config’ settings. The new report allows to observe the differences between the ‘CN default config’ vs ‘Client config’ and monitor when the changes were made. DEV-1424
12 Accuracy New Functionality Portal We have implemented an ability to individually activate the MI Details reports (previously called ‘debug reports’) and moved the setup of these reports under ‘TRA Configuration’ menu. DEV-1460
13 Accuracy New Functionality Portal We have added a new section on the Portal under TRA Configuration: Core validations. This allows clients to view and manage the checks of the validations applied by ARM/TR. The MIFIR Core Validations module will go live on 27.05 DEV-931
14 Accuracy User Interface Update Portal – Action Log We have added a timezone indication to Report Scheduler DEV-1578
15 Accuracy Functionality Update Portal – Action Log We have added a new Action Log item status: ‘Urgent’. DEV-1618
16 Accuracy Functionality Update Portal – Action Log We have amended Action Log functionality to allow users with admin and write access level to edit and delete comments. DEV-1602
17 Accuracy New Functionality Desktop App We have added a functionality in the TRAC desktop app to abort processing current set of files. DEV-1621


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