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18th June 2024

TR Accuracy, TR Completeness and TR Transformation Release – 25/06/2024

We have the following features due for release on the 25th of June at 15:00 UK local time.


  • EMIR – 1 new EMIR ingestion format,

  • TRAC Portal – 3 MI and validations configuration amendments,

  • TRAC desktop tool – ingestion amendment, error message improvements and 3 TRAC Scheduler amendments for TR Transformation and TR Completeness

Users are recommended to restart TRAC desktop tool after the release.

RefProduct ChangeAffected featureClient descriptionIssue key
1Accuracy: EMIRIngestionRegis-TR normalisation New EMIR ingestion format accepted: Regis-TR Short Table Live Contracts (D431/DB31)DEV-3470
2Accuracy: TRAC PortalPortal ConfigurationValidations settingsWe have enhanced our validation config settings by allowing user to have different set of settings between the Accuracy validations and Core validations.DEV-3611
3Accuracy: TRAC PortalPortal ConfigurationMI reports settingsWe have restructured 'MI Reports' and 'MI Details Reports' settings pages on the portal for more clarity.DEV-2016
4Accuracy: TRAC PortalPortal ConfigurationMI reports settingsWe have amended the TRAC Portal settings for MI by adding a 'default' and 'reset' buttons.DEV-3610
5TRAC desktop toolIngestionError messagesWe have improved our error messages for ingestion errors, by allowing the system to produce single error message for all errors that might occur during the run.DEV-1876
6TRAC desktop toolIngestionIngestionWe have amended the TRAC tool file selector to support ingestion of zipped files.DEV-3624
7TRAC desktop tool: TR TransformationIngestionTRAC SchedulerAmended processing rule for TRT Scheduler to add a delay between initiating 2 jobs to avoid copying the same output file.DEV-3626
8TRAC desktop tool: TR TransformationIngestionTRAC SchedulerWe have enhanced our TRAC Scheduler by introducing a new feature that allows user to choose "all" or only "Processed" files to be moved from "Raw Directory" to "Processed Directory".DEV-3622
9TRAC desktop tool: TR CompletenessIngestionTRAC SchedulerWe have changed the settings for "Processed Directory" field to be optional instead of mandatory to be filled in the TRAC Scheduler.DEV-3621

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