TR Accuracy Release: MIFIR Core validations – 31.05.2022

May 31, 2022

We have the following features due for release on the 31st of May at 1700 UK local time.


  • MiFIR Core – Enabling 140 validations, new report and Portal settings for the new ‘Core validations’ module for TR Accuracy MiFIR
  • EMIR – 2 new validations, 1 validation amendment, 1 MI amendment, 1 new MI details report and accompanying Portal settings


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Ref Product Change Affected feature Client Description Issue key
1 Accuracy: MiFIR New Validation 140 validations – Validations replicating CON-xyz validations (CN codes beginning with ‘MC’) We are enabling the TR Accuracy MiFIR Core Validations module. Core validations are replicating the ARM/NCA validations and can be run on transactions file both before and after submission to the endpoint.  This is 140 new validations (corresponding to 91 MiFIR spec validations). DEV-932
2 Accuracy: MiFIR New Functionality Portal – Configuration settings We have added a new section on the Portal under TRA Configuration: Core validations. This allows clients to view and manage the checks of the validations applied by ARM/TR. DEV-931
3 Accuracy: MiFIR Delete Validation 38 validations – Validations replicating CON-xyz validations subject to change in ESMA MiFIR spec v 1.6 and 1.7 With the deployment of the MiFIR Core validations module, we are deleting the temporary validations (MT) added to TR Accuracy module in release from 3.12 to avoid duplication (all validations are included in the Core module)/ DEV-1408
4 Accuracy: EMIR Enhancement: MI EMIR MI – File Summary We have added the information about the amount of filtered EMIR records to summary report. Details MI report, containing all filtered out records can be configured to be generated – see TRA Configuration -> EMIR -> MI Details Reports Settings. TRD-751
5 Accuracy: EMIR New MI EMIR MI Details – Filtered Report listing all records filtered out before processing. Contains duplicated Trade and Position IDs (modified, compressed etc – only the last version of Trade ID is validated. TRD-752
6 Accuracy: EMIR New Functionality Portal – Configuration settings We have added a new toggle setting on the Portal (Regime Configuration -> EMIR -> MI Details Reports settings -> Filtered records) for user to decide if the ‘Filtered’ report is generated. TRD-753
7 Accuracy: EMIR New Validation E183 – Uncollateralised (1.21) with collateral portfolio (1.22) indication We have introduced a new validation, verifying population of field ‘Collateral portfolio’ for uncollateralised trades and positions. TRD-747
8 Accuracy: EMIR Enhancement: Validation E8 – NFC- (1.7) has reported valuation and collateral information We are replacing one of the scenarios currently included in E8 with a separate new validation E183 TRD-746
9 Accuracy: EMIR New Validation E182 – Inconsistent Collateral Portfolio margins New validation indicating inconsistencies with reporting collateral on Portfolio basis. Flags where the same portfolio code was reported with different margin values for one valuation date. TRD-735


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