TR Accuracy Update (2.3)

September 2, 2019

Updates to the following functionality have been released today;

New features

  • Client outbound data log – Control Now produce a log file which contains all the information that was sent out of the client network during the run.  The file provides reassurance that no personal or sensitive data is sent beyond our clients network
  • Package Download from portal – Added a download page to the management portal which will enable clients to download relevant resources and software packages.
  • Run multiple files in a single process – Added the ability to combine multiple inbound files in one run.
  • Auto identify inbound files – TRA now automatically identify the inbound file type. Clients are no longer required to add a prefix to inbound file names.
  • User Authentication and user password management – Installed a new identity authentication server to the service which enables admins and users to reset their passwords and added “forgot password” functionality.
  • Make Benchmarking configurable – Users are able to turn benchmarking MI report on or off via the management portal.
  • Ref data to Web Configurator – A new module which enables the configuration of the service operations using the client management portal. (e.g. Output format: CSV vs Excel, Detailed report on/off, MI report on/off)
  • Desktop application to link to Configuration Portal – URL Link which direct users to the management portal directly from the desktop application.
  • Report download – Added a report download page to the management portal to enable clients to download a TR Accuracy usage and summary reports.
  • Additional EMIR Validations – The following new validations were added to Control Now EMIR accuracy module;
    • E89: Contract Type doesn’t match CFI code
    • E90: Asset Class doesn’t match CFI code
    • E91: Client not populated as beneficiary for AOTC
    • E92: Venue identified as other cpty
    • E93: ETD not with CCP
    • E94: Report Submitting Entity
    • E95: Aii after MiFIR go live
    • E96: Reporting Counterparty is not a CCP
    • E97: Collateral portfolio code not updated”
  • MI – configurable per client – A module has been developed which enables clients to manage their MI reports output and turn off/on tabs.
  • TR Accuracy Health Check Report – An automatic email report summarising the results of the TR Accuracy runs sent to client users at a configurable frequency. Frequency of alerts and emails can be configured from the Management Portal.

Feature updates / improvements

  • M139 – Default trade date time = 1 min past midnight – updated to only be flagged when seconds and milliseconds are defaulted to 0.
  • Updates and Cancelations – TRA only validates the latest instance of each transaction. All records which were updated or cancelled are ignored and output in a separate MI file.
  • Late report MI improvements – graph updated to display T, T+1 and late reports.

Please contact for further detail.