WEB PORTAL UPDATE – 02.04.2021

March 25, 2021

We have a Web Portal Update due on the 2nd of April 2021 at 1700 UK local time.

This update includes various enhancements and fixes to our Web Portal.

There is no action required from the users, changes will be applied to your Portal automatically on the release date.

Please let us know if you have any questions: 

Ref Product Change Summary Client Description ID
1 Portal New functionality Portal – CSV Grid Editor We have added a possibility to edit client reference data files directly through the Portal. Clients can now add new columns/row and edit existing values. DEV-1148
2 Portal New functionality Add links to ‘Global Resources’ We have added links to directory of global resources used as reference data. DEV-1088
3 Portal New functionality Reference file directory to be specified via the portal. We have added an option to pre-define a location of the TR Accuracy client reference data folder via the Portal. DEV-919
4 Portal Enhancement Portal UX Improvement – Button Icons Tooltips We have improved usability of the Portal, by adding tool-tips explaining functionality to all buttons available to users. DEV-1122
5 Portal Enhancement GUI: Downloads page operations We have added a functionality to add client specific documentation to the Portal ‘Downloads’ section (previously only global documents were available). DEV-1111
6 Portal Enhancement Portal: Allow users to view the validation details We have added a functionality allowing users to view ‘Report comment’ for each validation directly through the ‘Regime Configuration’ section on the Portal. DEV-1082
7 Portal Enhancement Portal UX Improvement – Draggable Dialog We have configured all pop-up dialog boxes to be draggable when edited. DEV-1067
8 Portal Enhancement New Config – Report Distribution List We have added a new configuration to the settings page of the management portal. Users can now select a distribution group for report distribution. (Previously all emails were sent to all users). DEV-240
9 Portal Fix Portal – Reporting Service Exception Fixed an issue with downloading a log of historical runs. DEV-1108
10 Portal Fix Fix desktop app check for clent deleted and user active We have fixed an issue with Portal and desktop tool access for deactivated users. DEV-1165