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Our Assurance and Direct suites have been created to empower firms to control their transaction reporting with ease.

Designed to simplify reporting, our solutions provide an intuitive configuration with over fifty functions tailored to Trade Repository (TR) data manipulation. What's more? They're no-code meaning they're completely deployable without the need for developers.

Direct Suite

TR Transformation and TR Connect with bespoke on-demand service support - everything you need to create your own transaction reports and directly submit them to the regulatory endpoint.

TR Transformation

Transforming trade data into regulatory reports.

A powerful data transformation tool to transform client trade data into regulatory reports. It operates from an easy-to-use interface designed for intricate workflows and eliminates the need for development and testing teams to manage change to regulatory reporting solutions. The solution provides full technical and compliance documentation to support end to end audit of reporting. All data stays on client servers throughout.

TR Connect

Connects and submits data directly to the regulator.

TR Connect is fully automated data handling software that allows reporting firms to connect and submit data directly to regulatory end points, ARMs and aggregators in Europe. The solution ingests response files and provides a GUI to allow for operational monitoring and exception management. The service streamlines reporting processes which eliminate operational risks and reduce reporting costs.

Assurance Suite

Accuracy testing and completeness reconciliations - everything you need for your transaction reporting assurance. All data remains on client servers throughout meaning it never leaves your organisation.

TR Accuracy

Automated data quality validation.

TR Accuracy can ingest any reporting data format and runs over 5000 business specific validations, which are not completed by ARMs or NCAs. The output is easy to understand with links back to the original ESMA texts and granularity down to every field of every record.

TR Completeness

An automated data reconciliation tool.

TR Completeness can perform a full technical reconciliation to ensure all data enrichment and operational processes have worked as expected. It has been specifically designed to meet the Article 15 requirement of RTS 22.

Transparent pricing for your product demands.

A single monthly subscription, tailored to your product requirements, no surprises in your billing. Enjoy the convenience of knowing exactly what you'll pay, based on the products you choose. Transparent, budget-friendly subscription management that puts you in control.

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Discover the power of our solutions first-hand through our dedicated sandbox environment

A secure space to test our cutting-edge solutions using anonymous data. Experience the functionality, features and performance of our offerings in a risk-free setting, allowing you to validate their effectiveness for your specific needs. With our sandbox, innovation meets security, ensuring you make informed decisions for your business's success.

Are you ready to take control, now?

Let us show you the power of Control Box and how it can revolutionise your transaction reporting processes.