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TR Accuracy

TR Accuracy can ingest any reporting data format and runs over 5000 business specific validations, which are not completed by ARMs or NCAs. The output is easy to understand with links back to the original ESMA texts and granularity down to every field of every record.

On-demand data quality validation

Introducing TR Accuracy, the automated solution for data quality validation.

Ensure your data is accurate and ready to send with TR Accuracy.

Able to ingest any data format, TR Accuracy is a powerful tool which identifies and flags issues with reporting data such as EMIR, MiFiD and ASIC.

Embedded with regulatory text, TR Accuracy produces references, action logs and audit trails to ensure your data is accurate.

TR Accuracy has been designed and built to provide reporting firms with a hassle free and no-code data validation solution.

Trusted data quality validation

Automated solution which processes, identifies and flags data inaccuracies based on individual business needs.

Quick to run

Once active, a typical accuracy validation run is completed in seconds. This significantly improves efficiencies for reporting teams.

Report with confidence and transparency

Understand exactly what's in the data you're reporting and why. Deal directly with the root causes of inaccuracies.

Are you ready to take control, now?

Let us show you the power of Control Box and how it can revolutionise your transaction reporting processes.