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TR Transformation

A powerful data transformation tool to transform client trade data into regulatory reports. It operates from an easy-to-use interface designed for intricate workflows and eliminates the need for development and testing teams to manage change to regulatory reporting solutions. The solution provides full technical and compliance documentation to support end to end audit of reporting. All data stays on client servers throughout.


Design your own transaction reports

Business-facing and intuitive portal for easy config builds. Over 50 functions designed for TR data manipulation.

Integrate compliance guidance

Link back to relevant L1, L2 and L3 regulatory guidance for in situ compliance support. We do the work - any changes immediately integrated.

Change management and full audit

All changes captured and logged automatically. Full audit of logic before and after change, with roll back and version controlling.

Control Now guide you through the whole process of integration.

Operate TR Transformation trough Control Box platform. Simple to use and share your data, the system converts, adjusts and leaves it all prepared for you to send. With Control Box, all your data is securely saved on your servers and you can access anytime you need.

Are you ready to take control, now?

Let us show you the power of Control Box and how it can revolutionise your transaction reporting processes.