Our TR Direct product suite

TR Transformation and TR Connect with bespoke on-demand service support - everything you need to create your own transaction reports and directly submit them to the regulatory endpoint.

Design your own transaction reports

Business-facing and intuitive portal for easy config builds. Over 50 functions designed for TR data manipulation.

Integrated compliance guidance

Links back to relevant L1, L2 and L3 regulatory guidance for in situ compliance support. We do the work – any changes immediately integrated.

Change management and full audit

All changes captured and logged automatically. Full audit of logic before and after change, with roll back and version controlling.

TR Transformation is a powerful data transformation tool to transform client trade data into regulatory reports. The tool operates from an easy-to-use interface designed for intricate workflows and eliminates the need for development and testing teams to manage change to regulatory reporting solutions. The solution provides full technical and compliance documentation to support end to end audit of reporting. All data stays on client servers throughout.
Record Level: Filtering logic integrity

Replicate firms bespoke filtering logic and check against FIRDs to identify over reports and under reports (Article 15 (1b, 1g), RTS 22)

Field Level: Enrichment logic integrity

For every matched record, perform a reconciliation to ensure every field of data received by the regulatory end point as expected.

TR Connect is fully automated data handling software that allows reporting firms to connect and submit data directly to regulatory end points, ARMs and aggregators in Europe. The solution ingests response files and provides a GUI to allow for operational monitoring and exception management. The service can be used by firms to streamline reporting processes which can eliminate operational risk and reduce reporting costs.